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Our Product

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

In Chemical terms, LPG consists of a predetermined mix of Propane & Butane and contains higher calorific value than natural gas.

LPG originates from two general sources:

a. The oil and gas fields being removed as condensable products from natural gas or from crude oil during the stabilization process which is applied in order to reduce the vapor pressure of the product prior to shipment;
b. At the refineries where crude oil is processed.

Use of LPG:

1. Domestic use: LPG has higher heating value, about 50 MJ/kg to make it very efficient in household cooking. It is a perfect fuel as replacement of any other conventional fuel including natural gas, kerosene etc. 2. Commercial/Industrial use: The commercial and industrial use extends from room heating to water heating, lighting and refrigeration, food industries, glass and ceramics, metal, agricultural, poultry, garments, reticulations system for apartments, aerosol and so on. In Bangladesh the most popular type of commercial use is in the Hotel & Restaurants, with no NG connections available we can expect more LPG use in this segment in coming days through bigger capacity cylinders.